The Aspiration of The Artist


English: “The Moselle near Schengen at the Drailännereck”, oil painting by Luxembourg artist Nico Klopp, 1924. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From a deep well comes a certain longing.  It is for a distant horizon, dimly remembered, portending a certain clarity.  The striving for a transcendental, gives flesh and meaning to the concreteness of everyday reality.  For the artist is always seeking something more, be it in a painting, a song, or a poem.

What is the aspiration of the artist?   This question is as old as the hills, and as new as the as the latest blog post.  Timeless in form, yet essential in delineation, the artist strives to enter into the conversation of life, the river of connection that daily engulfs our lives.  Connection is key, for the moment dialogue is engaged, the artist enters into her element, and the creative flow arises naturally.  This is a given.

Perhaps in this new year, 2015, we can assess the realities before us.  A fact is still a fact, yet a dramatization can yield rich metaphors of meaning.  Hence, a realm of poetry is entered, a landscape of vivid portrayal, giving fresh impetus to the artist’s innate desire to create.  Yet, it is the conversation that gives meaning, the open knowledge that someone has seen our work, and that someone understands and appreciates it.

This is why, we at Lavender Turquois, curate the best, most interesting and liveliest of the vast offerings present to us in the WordPress domain.  This is our calling, and we hope your enjoy our effort.  For it is entering into the conversation, the element of mutual appreciation and dialog that comes with sincere effort, that is the true aspiration of the artist.

A Way to Begin — A Pastor’s Thoughts

In the coming months I will be writing devotionals from the sayings of Anthony of Egypt as translated by Benedict Ward and scholars of the Coptic Church. Because of these two sources I can offer the sayings of Anthony and the comment that I write. These sayings tell us something about the great monk but […]

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Ice Patterns – Camera Catches

Camera Catches - Photography

Leaves frozen in a bowl of water Leaves frozen in a bowl of water

The freezing snow and ice gave me inspiration to do something new. I took a small bowl of water, placed old rusty leaves under the  water then  froze both in the fridge. I later took out the bowl, poured a little warm water on the top of the ice (already formed), to allow the new ice to melt a little. Tiny bubbles and broken ice appeared, that in turn gave substance to the ice.  I then re=froze. This morning I took the “Ice” bowl outside, then using a Lumix LX7 camera, I took these photos. I have edited many to an abstract mode.  Eve

textured background

texture and colour changed to give a more dramatic effect texture and colour changed to give a more dramatic effect

 “A lot of people like snow. I find it to be an unnecessary freezing of water.”
Carl Reiner

topaz smile - cartoon

edited in topaz edited in topaz

texture - "misty" texture – “misty”


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Great Musical Moments: Rubinstein-Chopin-Piano Concerto No.2


Frédéric Chopin Piano Concerto N.º 2 Op. 21 in F minor: Maestoso-Larghetto-Allegro Vivace-Arthur Rubinstein, Pianist
London Symphony Orchestra conducted by André Previn

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Piano Concerto No. 2 in F minorOp. 21, is a piano concerto composed by Frédéric Chopin in 1830. Chopin wrote the piece before he had finished his formal education, at around 20 years of age. It was first performed on 17 March 1830, in WarsawPoland, with the composer as soloist. It was the second of his piano concertos to be published (after the Piano Concerto No. 1), and so was designated as “No. 2”, even though it was written first.
The work contains the three movements typical of instrumental concertos of the period:
Larghetto and
Allegro vivace. 

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Remembering Laughter

Lavender Turquois

life wants me to continue the journey. Finally it feels like movement, the breaking up of rigidity. Possibilities are there, charged with remembering laughter, changing movement of life. Exploring the deep places, explore personal dreams, plans, pains and laughter. Time lost is returned. Old and new fit tighter, finding the path of our life, we reflect from deep places. Ice sculpture only lasts in the freezing. This is thawing time. Thaw in the silence. Image sitting alone ice fishing, fishing on a separated chunk of ice, visit the shore. connections and disconnection, allow both, learn from both.

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Beannacht (Blessing)

Lavender Turquois

English: Great Blessing of Waters at Theophany... English: Great Blessing of Waters at Theophany. Sanok. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“May the nourishment of the earth be yours,

may the clarity of light be yours,

may the fluency of the ocean be yours

the protection of the ancestors be yours.

And so may a slow

wind work these words

of love around you,

an invisible cloak

to mind your life.”

John O,Donohue – Echoes of Memory

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A Blessing Before Beginning

Lavender Turquois

English: Seascape Polski: Krajobraz morski English: Seascape Polski: Krajobraz morski (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is a blessing of  Macrina Wiederkehr

O  colors of earth, anoint me and robe me with all the attributes I need for my life work: purple for wisdom, meditation , transformation, and spirituality.  Red for passion, energy and courage. Blues and greens for calm restfulness, balance, healing, hope, serenity, and contemplation.  Golden yellows for optimism and joy, lucidity, compassion and illumination, and orange for animation, creativity and enthusiasm.  Black and white for death and life, power and innocence, mysticism and truth.

All of nature  send your mystical energy upon  my work. Rocks, precious stones, pebbles, air, wind, breezes, storms, earth, flowers, trees, plants, water lakes, ponds, rivers oceans, streams, brooks, fire, moon and stars, sun  volcanoes, bonfires, burning candles, quiet lights, and bright lights

O let everything that is good bless my work.

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