The Aspiration of The Artist


English: “The Moselle near Schengen at the Drailännereck”, oil painting by Luxembourg artist Nico Klopp, 1924. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From a deep well comes a certain longing.  It is for a distant horizon, dimly remembered, portending a certain clarity.  The striving for a transcendental, gives flesh and meaning to the concreteness of everyday reality.  For the artist is always seeking something more, be it in a painting, a song, or a poem.

What is the aspiration of the artist?   This question is as old as the hills, and as new as the as the latest blog post.  Timeless in form, yet essential in delineation, the artist strives to enter into the conversation of life, the river of connection that daily engulfs our lives.  Connection is key, for the moment dialogue is engaged, the artist enters into her element, and the creative flow arises naturally.  This is a given.

Perhaps in this new year, 2015, we can assess the realities before us.  A fact is still a fact, yet a dramatization can yield rich metaphors of meaning.  Hence, a realm of poetry is entered, a landscape of vivid portrayal, giving fresh impetus to the artist’s innate desire to create.  Yet, it is the conversation that gives meaning, the open knowledge that someone has seen our work, and that someone understands and appreciates it.

This is why, we at Lavender Turquois, curate the best, most interesting and liveliest of the vast offerings present to us in the WordPress domain.  This is our calling, and we hope your enjoy our effort.  For it is entering into the conversation, the element of mutual appreciation and dialog that comes with sincere effort, that is the true aspiration of the artist.

The Peaceable Kingdom? — CREDO

Edward Hicks, The Peaceable Kingdom, ca. 1830-1832, oil on canvas, 45 x 60 cm. Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. It is fair to say that Edward Hicks (1780–1849) had something of an obsession with Isaiah 11, which is illustrated above. He painted no less than sixty versions of it, and the version depicted here […]

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Divine Therepy

Lavender Turquois

English: A bird flight Deutsch: Beginn eines V... English: A bird flight Deutsch: Beginn eines Vogelfluges. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

openness to treatment by the Divine Physician. Thomas Keating‘s prayer…

Only by the power of the movement of my heart…did I perceive his presence, and I knew the power of his might because my faults were put to flight and my human yearnings brought into subjection. I have marveled at the depth of his wisdom when my secret faults have been revealed and made visible, at the very slightest amendments of mf my way of life. I have experienced his goodness and mercy in the renewal and remaking of the spirit of my mind, that is of my inmost being, I have perceived the excellence of his glorious beauty, and when I contemplate all these things I am filled with awe and wonder at his manifold greatness.”

quote from St. Bernard “As  often as He slips away from me, so often…

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Litany for the Second Week of Advent. — Godspacelight

by Christine Sine I wrote this litany several years ago for the Advent devotional Waiting for the Light but decided this year that it needed some revision and updating. In this Advent season we await the coming of Christ Come, Lord Jesus, come, We await your coming. We await the coming of God’s revealing light, Come, Lord…

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Continuation of Unfolding

Lavender Turquois

മലയാളം: Taken from my garden soon after the me... മലയാളം: Taken from my garden soon after the metamorphosis (ie)pupal transformation into a butterfly. I have uploaded the pupal stage of the same few days back.The egg shell is seen still hanging there. It is just unfolding its wings. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Into the now with blessing for all those journeying companions, who teach me I am not alone. I take you with me guides and companions as I continue to journey, wishing only that you continue finding the deeper,  truer meaning of your life. I wish to cherish every image and symbol you have shared and continue to marvel at the great pattern it makes of light and dark, the formed and formless the continuation of unfolding

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