Falling into the Arms of God

English: Saint Teresa of Avila, reliquary, Pol...

English: Saint Teresa of Avila, reliquary, Polychrom wood, 17th century, anonymous. Treasure of the cathedral of Guadix, Andalusia, Spain. Français : Reliquaire de sainte Thérèse d’Avila, bois polychrome, XVIIth century, anonyme. Trésor de la cathédrale de Guadix, Andalousie, Espagne. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When God draws tight that slack thread of desire, God draws us to Him.

God’s finger tracing our life’s stories which are the musical notes of God’s story in us.

We are God’s music.

Meister Ekhart believed  that detachment was the highest virtue. He wanted to live without why.

Teresa of Avila  was not able to say why. She said I am living at the center of the castle.

I am life, I live.

While others are at vigil I sleep in union, the feast is on.

Mystics are naturally living without why.

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