More Ruth Bancroft Gardens

Last weekend I visited the Ruth Bancroft Gardens in Walnut Creek, CA. Last post I shared a few of the photos I took of this amazing place, and there are more to edit. I found myself passing over the meta photos. Though they showed the beauty of the place accurately, I was more excited by others.

While a photo of one cactus flower is breathtaking, one way to add diversity and variety into the mix is by combining 4 different photos of cactus flowers together, placing the images so that they refer to one another:


I used the app ShockMyPic to add contrast and a feeling of drawing to this image. While the subtle pinks, greens and yellows are a delight, converting the image to black and white is another way to add interpret this series.


Snapseed made the switch easy to do.

Doing this experimentation made me think. Ansel…

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