On the Open Road

Narrow winding road leads through extremely di...

Narrow winding road leads through extremely diverse terrain in Nepal. This road leads north from Kathmandu towards Tibet. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sometimes, you just gotta bust outta there, and hit the open road.  This has always been the hermits quest.  From the deserts of ancient Egypt to the woods dwellers of today, the yearning is the same.  Who has these desires?  The monastic seeker.

Of course, Thomas Merton is the classic example.  He has brought into our awareness that the 20th century monk is still a man of the road.  From the coasts of California to the mountains of Nepal, Merton travelled the world in search of deeper consciousness of the presence of God.  But in a real way, his journey was an inward one.  The gift of centering prayer, which he learned from his fellow monks at Gethsemani Abbey, when he was professed, gave him the tools to head outward into the wild.

Perhaps, we can take some inspiration for our 21st century longings today.  We, too, hit the open road in search of spiritual treasures.  What will we find?  Only the adventure itself can give us a clue.  And that is just around the next bend.  So, let’s get on our road shoes and head out.

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