Notes on Grace

English: One of the Carrowmore tombs in Irelan...

English: One of the Carrowmore tombs in Ireland. Taken June 6, 2002, with a Canon D60 camera. ;Photographer: Jon Sullivan ;Source: (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is the work of Brian Doyle printed in Spiritual Writing 2001. I find it very true and comforting.

“I”I grow utterly absorbed, as I age, by two things: love, through or insufficient, and grace under duress. Only those two, politics, religion, money, ambition, they fade and are subsumed, consumed, eaten by these two vast and endless subjects: love and grace.

Those are the only things we will take to our graves, the only things that will be on our lips as we die, the only things that will be in our pockets as we walk to the country of the blessed _Tir na nOg it was called by my Irish people before me, the country of the always-young, where death has no dominion.

We loves or do not love, we love well or badly, our friendships are a form of love , our enmities a form of not-love, missing love, weak loves.

And grace under duress: what else is there?

Age and illness hammer us, tragedy and evil hammer us, greed and cupidity hammer us, we hammer ourselves in guilt and fear. What are we but the stories of how we fought against our troubles? What god do we remember of the dead but their humor, their stories, their courage, their selflessness, their grace?”

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