English: John Keats by Joseph Severn 1819. Oil...

English: John Keats by Joseph Severn 1819. Oil on ivory miniature, 105×79 mm Deutsch: John Keats, gemalt von Joseph Severn, 1819 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Beauty is truth, truth beauty,-that is all Ye know on earth, and all ye need
to know.” These are the final lines from the poem, Ode to a Grecian Urn by John Keats.

Balthasar says: We no longer dare to believe in beauty and we make of it a mere appearance in order the more easily to dispose of it. Our situation today shows that beauty demands for itself at least as much courage and decision as do truth and goodness, a she wil not allow herself to be separated and banned from her two sisters without taking them along with herself in an act of mysterious vengeance. We can be sure that who ever sneers at her name as if she were the ornament of a bourgeois past-wheather he admits it or not-can no longer pray and soon will no longer be able to love” (from, the Glory of the Lord: A Theological Aesthetics, vol. 1.)

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