Teilhard de Chardin Quote of the Week (January 20, 2014): Death of the Ego and Rebirth in Christ

Teilhard de Chardin


Courtesy of Michael Kenney at Journey Towards Easter:

“Christ consumes with his glance my entire being. And with that same glance, that same presence, he enters into those who are around me and whom I love. Thanks to him therefore I am united with them, as in a divine milieu, through their inmost selves, and I can act upon them with all the resources of my being…

 …Once a man has resolved to live generously in love with God and his fellow-men, he realises that so far he has achieved nothing by the generous renunciations he has made in order to perfect his own inner unity. This unity in its turn must, if it is to be born anew in Christ, suffer an eclipse which will seem to annihilate it. For in truth those will be saved who dare to set the center of their being outside themselves, who…

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