Leonard Bernstein Conducting Without Conducting

Nursing Thoughts

In this video, Leonard Bernstein shows his ability to conduct his orchestra with no other tool but his joy. Watch his face. A true symphony can be instrumental, found in nature (e.g., between the wind and the leaves), or occur when a team is functioning with supreme flow. A symphony requires that partners (even patients and their clinicians) give as well as receive in a common effort. And, when this happens, then joy, comfort, inspiration, efficiency, and even healing have the proper elements to thrive. A mutuality of human connectedness is  a symphony that can far transcend even the unspeakable beauty of an instrumental masterpiece. Just watch. And listen.

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One thought on “Leonard Bernstein Conducting Without Conducting

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this post with your followers. I hope it brought to you a sense of joy in Bernstein’s connection to his orchestra the fruits of which were then shared with the audience. (Much like what you just did for me in sharing the video!)
    Your blog is lovely and I look forward to following it.

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