Evening Prayer

O True Illusion

Continuing the contemplative mood of yesterday’s poem, tonight I offer “Evening Prayer” by Jorie Graham. Since the poem ends with a question – and like many of Graham’s poems is, in a sense, a philosophical questioning and striving, I’ll throw out some ponderings of my own….

What’s the bird in this poem? Is it a real bird, or the shadow of some concept: The soul? A small grasp of nature encountered by the speaker? What is it about evening, that time in between day and night, that seems made for prayer, for walks that seem to slip between worlds, for seeing the natural world around as symbols of something more….

And where in this poem is the prayer? Is it all a prayer (Pray without ceasing, Paul says in the letter to the Thessalonians – what would that really look like?) And a prayer to whom? To the invisible God?…

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