Liquid Buddha

Freedom of the Heart


I looked into the creek tonight. The water was still and reflective of the high elements. Trees and flowers painted a clear picture on the top of this liquid serenity. And it was then I realized, how even though there was stillness, much activity was taking place within.

Aquatic plants were dancing and swaying in the lighted silhouette of the sun. Fish were swimming like thoughts through a mind, darting across the tips of aquatic plants. And water moccasins were slithering along the rock bed like devious intentions creeping up on an unsuspecting thought. There is much activity and yet it still keeps a golden clarity of a clean mirror to all that gaze upon it.

Water is such a beautiful formless creation to learn from. So many actions are taking place in its depths and yet it clings to none. What dwells in action cuts through it and theā€¦

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