Harbinger of Spring

Lilias Trotter

skyscapeFO18086The long hard winter has broken at last – not as yet in much sign on the earthward side but in the late afternoon yesterday the great cumulus clouds sank away, and in their place lay long horizontal bars, one above the other, dove-grey touched with pale apricot, upon the tender eggshell blue of the eastern sky. They are a harbinger of spring out here, that I have never known to fail.   24 January 1927

Spring returns to Central Florida.  Or at least first signs of the same.  While one could hardly call it a “hard long winter,” compared to much of our country, there definitely has been a period of dormancy punctuated with stretches of chill even in our subtropical clime.  So it is with a lift of joy that we welcome signs of new life – “harbingers of spring” – that signal new beginnings: tight new buds…

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