March 6 – D. T. M. (Divine Time Management)

Cor Unum Abbey


High up in the Alps grow the tiny little flowers called Edelweiss.  They bloom in rocky crevices where they may blossom and die without ever making imprint upon the eye of any living creature, except perhaps a few mountain goats.

How is it that our God would plant so many flowers in places where He alone will see their struggle up from the soil, the breaking of earth through which they emerge, twining around stones and clinging to brambles, only to bloom for such a short while and return to the earth?

What about us, in Cor Unum?  We know that the right-hearted things we do in the dedicated places we fill on earth do show forth the glory of God.  What about those hidden places of devotion that no one sees but God alone?   What about those times of which we have spoken, when we trade intercession for…

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