Partnership for International Birding

The U.S. has two endemic species. They are both Corvids. They are both California-only birds. Yesterday our PIB trip to the California Coast got close to one member of the Island Scrub-Jay species. This immature bird wanted to be fed in seems. He or she cam overhead and whispered sweet songs to us in the baked scrub on Santa Cruz Island off Ventura.IS-SCJA BANDS (1025x1280)IS-SCJA FACE PROFILE (1280x962)

IS-SCJA GLINT (1280x960)

IS-SCJA IN SHADE (1265x1280)

IS-SCJA JAW (1280x1074)

IS-SCJA LONG1 (696x1280)

IS-SCJA SHADE2 (1280x1235)

IS-SCJA-FACE1 (1197x1280)

IS-SCJA-LONG2 (770x1280)

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