Ivan Semyonovich Kulikov ~ Russian Artist

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Ivan Semyonovich Kulikov was born on april 1st 1870 and died on December 15th 1945

What can we say of him? He was not an ordinary painter; he was also a teacher, and an author of insightful portraits and a faithful and loving depicter of the Russian way of life. His life was bookended by the Vladimir region, for he was born in Murom, Vladimir guberniya, and died in the same city (which was now in Vladimir oblast). His initial artistic training was at the drawing school of the Society for the Encouragement of the Arts (1893-96), where one of his instructors was the well-known painter and graphic artist Ernest Lipgardt. At the Academy of Fine Arts (1896-1902), his instructors influenced him greatly, especially the Peredvizhniki masters Vladimir Makovsky and Ilya Repin. Whilst he was studying at the Academy, he assisted Ilya Repin in…

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