Dec. 5th Devotion – 1st Week of Advent

Park Ridge Community Church

Opening Prayer

God of Hope, another day has come and gone, but we are grateful that you are always with us. Let Your Spirit speak to us now as we focus our hearts and minds on this time of devotion. Amen.

Scripture Reading


For Christians, hope is ultimately hope in Christ. The hope that he really is what for centuries we have claimed he is. The hope that despite the fact that sin and death still rule the world, he somehow conquered them. The hope that in him and through him all of us stand a chance of somehow conquering them too. The hope that at some unforeseeable time and in some unimaginable way he will return with healing in his wings.
– Frederick Buechner, Wishful Thinking, A Seeker’s ABC

With 24-hour news channels, social media, and the Internet, the world can, at times, seem like a…

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