Mark Jacot

This week, something completely different. Many of you know I have a few hobbies outsibell 3de work, including classical music (I play the Cello and Timpani), sailing and am also a regular church bell ringer. I thought I’d explain a bit about bell ringing, as most people have a view formed from watching this advert for Mars Bars. We don’t actually lift off the floor – ever! Maybe after reading this blog, you might like to have a go at learning.

Bell ringing is a uniquely British thing. In Europe bells are swung at random. In the UK they swing through a full circle, and at the end of the circle the person on the end of the rope can control how long to wait before the next “dong”. So we can ring complex patterns, called methods.

bell1It take about 5-10 one hour sessions to learn how to physically ring…

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