Love's Kitchen

When Hope Shines Brightest: A Recipe for Surviving the Dark 


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(A Sermon inspired by Ezekiel 34:11-15)

At our house, we sleep with the heat turned all the way down to 55 degrees, which forces you to hunker down under layers of flannel and fleece. I will admit, it is my favorite time of year for sleeping—that cold air on your face, while you snuggle deep into downy fluff. But while winter makes for good sleeping—to me, it feels kind of heavy.  Maybe it is all of those extra layers of clothing. Or the way the cold makes me crave rich, comfort foods. Whatever the reason, I dread the onset of winter.  I don’t like the way my hair freezes if it hasn’t completely dried before I leave the house.  I don’t like the slippery ground and fear of falling.  But above all, I don’t like…

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