Colour Reinforced

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Either my subject is pretty common, or I’m just more tuned-in to it; but it seems that everywhere I go I’m coming across something that links to it…

Last weekend I had a lovely day-trip down to Durham with some old friends from Dundee, which included a look round beautiful Durham Cathedral.

Road trip! Road trip!

It’s almost 1000 years old (founded in 1093) and 74ft high, incredibly ornate and full of glass – so of course, there was a strong sense of being enveloped and awed by the beauty and craftsmanship. The glass was generally too pale in colour to push this into full-numinous territory (like, say, Saint-Chapelle) but it was pretty close. Of the 50 or so windows, here are my two picks, mostly because they were the richest in colour, and also because they represent two very different styles and time periods. While most of the other windows let…

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