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Christmas Lights Narrow 1

Tonight as I dressed our birch trees in their Christmas lights, I was thinking about the Northern Lights.

To my great dissatisfaction, I’ve never seen them in person – so to find that they were tonight’s prompt at Carpe Diem had me a bit worried.  What could I possibly say?  They’re beautiful, magical – in photos? – in videos? – in my imagination –?

It was a bitterly cold night, and there was a soft, consistent wind.  And when I formed the last loop of lights around the pale trunks, a single leaf leapt in front of me.  And it stayed aloft – as if it were borne on fairy wings– just barely moving in front of the Christmas lights. 

And as the lights shimmered across the leaf’s face I thanked the wind and the birches for their gift – for surely this was magic, too. 

one birch leaf

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