Lois Elsden

I was feeling very under the weather earlier in the week, and although i am not yet as right as rain, I am definitely improving! Under the weather means feeling poorly or ill, or ‘not quite the thing’, right as rain means the opposite – in god health and with a suggestion of being cheerful and full of energy too.

‘Right as rain’ doesn’t just apply to health, anything that is good, fine, perfect, can be described as right as rain… but where did the phrase come from? No-one seems to exactly know although there are a variety of suggestions and examples of it being used in the 1890’s.

Some think it means ‘right’ in terms of ‘straight’ and rain comes down pretty straight… well, no, it actually doesn’t, not English rain anyway. Rain can come down as straight as anything, ‘coming down like stair-rods’ (stair-rods were metal bars which…

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