The Bells

Marketplace Monastics


Those dear, innocent bells! Little do they know that for as many as they welcome into monastic life, there are dozens more who want no part of it, because of them.

For each man or woman on earth who lives according to a rule or schedule of devotion, there are dozens, hundreds, perhaps hundreds of thousands who boldly say, “I could not and would not live under the regimen of bells, a devotional schedule, punching in to spend time with God.” Even among those who do love the Lord Jesus Christ, the idea of developing such a well-ordered life with Him does not always appeal. “Surely,” they say, “He is not glorified by that kind of forced worship.”

The monastic says, “He wasn’t glorified by all the time I could have spent with Him and didn’t, either.”

For most monastics, the bells become the sweet sound of the rhythm of…

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