Chapman Stick – Everyday Contemplative

Simon's still stanza

Chapman Stick – Everyday Contemplative

Chapman Stick




Finger fretting

In a rhythm


Darts and


Up and down

And across

The stick.

Constantly moving

Like a darting

Of an insect

The multiple movements

Like a dabbling damselfly

The many, many motions

Adding to the vibrations

In a volume

And passage of

A sound.

And I,

I was



Enchanted and enticed

For more

And more

Of the


And sliding

And stretching

Of the sounds

On my inner ear


My spirits

And pulsing

With life.

Simon C.J. Falk                       27 June 2015

We truly learn something everyday.   For those of us willing to wonder, we can see beauty in the sight, sound, touch, smell of many, many things.  Today I discovered the musical wonder of the Chapman Stick. It is a truly fascinating instrument and below is another example of it being…

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