The Questions that Transform Me

j.l. sanborn

cabin copy

“We tend to lose track of the questions about things that matter always, life-and-death questions about meaning, purpose, and value. To lose track of such deep questions as these is to risk losing track of who we really are in our depths and where we are really going.”  Frederick Buechner, Listening to Your Life

Questions can be magical. The right kind of question can change the world, or at least your own heart, which is where all lasting transformation and redemption must start.

A good question is an invitation. Asking another person an honest, gentle, open question invites that person to be seen and heard. When we allow another person’s story to lay bare in the space between us, our hearts open up, maybe just a little bit–stretching to embrace the story, which includes the soul telling it.

The best questions–the kind of questions that can change your life–aren’t…

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