Dear Sparrow

Lavender Turquois

Sparrow Bird Commencing Flight Sparrow Bird Commencing Flight (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dear Sparrow, You attract me somehow for a talk about finding voice, and trusting truth. Images of arrow piercing prism, cutting through darkness have become images of the sparrow . I don’t believe I know at all what you sound like but the sight of you is comforting. How can such an insignificant creature inspire. Everyone would say that you can’t fly very high and your dull color makes you hard to notice on the pavement but I have seen you splash playfully in the bird bath and gratefully delight in crumbs from the humans. You gather together as if there is safety in numbers. Even Christ reflected on your great numbers. You dull plumage and hollow bones speak to me of aging and giving up the dramatic life of the humming-bird who always sips sweet nectar. I am more simple now and content with a few stale carbs. Truth is simple, It is simple truth that I…

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