God Laughs

Lavender Turquois

Cover of "Sarah Laughed: Women's Voices i... Cover via Amazon

God is always about the fullest possible reality, not the one that we choose as comfortable and strain in vain to protect. God laughs because God is with us , not far from us. God’s wisdom is being and insider with us. I believe God laughs because he knows what our possible future is. Our stories are sacramental we must have a willingness to be disturbed within and without. We see the truth in the past because we can relax and laugh with God. It seems so absurd when we recognize plotting for control, separation and power. This is a misuse of our passion for union.  While protecting the edges we  use God as an ally. God laughs that we think God is like us.

We are ironic creatures because we forget that God works through us and we fail to recognize the limits of our power, virtue and wisdom. Surrender leads to…

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