Rivers of Grace

Lavender Turquois

The Pilgrimage of Grace 1536 The Pilgrimage of Grace 1536 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The goal of discernment is self-knowledge. Discernment hopes to know truthfully and deeply who I am, today _ in this particular time in history, given the circumstances In which I find myself, in the presence and with the help of God _ and then to act accordingly. Some may feel that discernment is a mental exercise of figuring out what God expects. It is hidden and I must make lists of options, weigh pros and cons. This is very incomplete. What if we approach discernment with trust. We fall backward into the loving arms of God. It means stressing God’s role which is to be there and catch us.

To begin listening is the first most important step. Listening especially to ourselves. What is our internal tone of voice?  What is our body saying? What is it that we seem to be…

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