Taking off the Jester’s robe

Lavender Turquois

English: Panorama of the St. Augustine Lightho... English: Panorama of the St. Augustine Lighthouse in St. Augustine, Florida, USA. Español: Panorama del faro del St. Augustine en St. Augustine, la Florida, los E.E.U.U.. Français : Panorama du phare de Saint Augustine à Saint Augustine, en Floride (États-Unis). Português: Panorama do farol do St. Augustine em St. Augustine, Florida, EUA. Deutsch: Panorama des Str. Augustine Leuchtturmes in Str. Augustine, Florida, USA. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

More Mantras for healing.

All is working toward healing

Live in the light of my love

Listening to the way of love

Turning freely in the air

Seeking truth in the silence

Finding voice for all blessing

Celebrating in the stream

If you follow light you become light

If you follow water you become water

If you follow fire you become fire

If you follow your breath you breathe with the Spirit and are united with all creation.

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