Holiness of the Heart’s Desires

Lavender Turquois

English: Looking NW from Heart's Delight. English: Looking NW from Heart’s Delight. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Thou shalt be aware, the most important awareness is to really know we are loved in the ambiguity of our creatureliness. We can experience this in loving a baby in all its’ potential and dependence. In silence we make space for grace. it is a gift. We don’t want to escape being human we want to be fully human. This is why we can sense the stress  on more life with God in the midst of death, or coming from bouts of loneliness we can still have energy for companionship. We surrender our weakness and become liberated to our best self. The more I admit my dependence on God the more free I am, the truer, the more real and the more able to enter the experience of another with compassion. The desire and passion of my life is to be…

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