The Rise of Beauty

Lucia Mystica

Certainly in the winter, it can get cold outside.  Very cold.  When one goes walking, swift steps will keep things warm.  In the woods, life still is in motion.  The deer and squirrels are still busy at work and play.  Birds can be seen on their majestic path, hawks, jays, and starlings.  The snow goes crunch, crunch, crunch, as boots trod the soft white-covered trail.

Stillness has it’s rewards.  When one might be chilled by the cold, a soft sense of rising beauty fills the soul with warmth.  See?  Here is life, going on, year in and year out, in all kinds of weather, hot and cold.  Nothing stops the rhythm of the trees and birds, the animals and plants from unfolding anew in their timeless rhythm.

So, be glad and take notice.  These things gladden the heart.  When we realize that life abounds, that growth unfolds anew, in all…

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