Wonderful News

Lucia Mystica

We have some wonderful news.  What is it?  It is that life abounds.  Take a walk outside.  What do you see?  The birds singing, the trees blooming, the flowers growing.  Why is this?  Because we live in a world of abundant blessings.

Look and see:  Things seem to be naturally creative, and life-giving.  Even through the coldest winters, life somehow thrives to flourish again in the summer.  The warm weather teaches us this, the gifts of patience and perseverance.  The splendor of the wildlife and vegetation says:  look and be glad, celebrate the day, the sunshine of glorious bounty, of color and light, of song and wind, of thriving and resilience.  This is our teacher.

When we see the true world around us, we become glad.  It is an inner joy, the joy to see things as they really are, strong, powerful and carriers of beauty.  We do likewise, creating…

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