Divine Therepy

Lavender Turquois

English: A bird flight Deutsch: Beginn eines V... English: A bird flight Deutsch: Beginn eines Vogelfluges. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

openness to treatment by the Divine Physician. Thomas Keating‘s prayer…

Only by the power of the movement of my heart…did I perceive his presence, and I knew the power of his might because my faults were put to flight and my human yearnings brought into subjection. I have marveled at the depth of his wisdom when my secret faults have been revealed and made visible, at the very slightest amendments of mf my way of life. I have experienced his goodness and mercy in the renewal and remaking of the spirit of my mind, that is of my inmost being, I have perceived the excellence of his glorious beauty, and when I contemplate all these things I am filled with awe and wonder at his manifold greatness.”

quote from St. Bernard “As  often as He slips away from me, so often…

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