Divine Pedagogy

Lavender Turquois

Painting "Divine Mercy" (obraz "... Painting “Divine Mercy” (obraz “Jezu ufam Tobie”) in the Divine Mercy Sanctuary in Vilnius (Dievo Gailestingumo šventovė). Dominikonų g. 12 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Missal by John William Waterhouse, showing... The Missal by John William Waterhouse, showing a woman kneeling in prayer (1902, oil on canvas). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Divine Pedagogy or holy Conversation is a calling. I see many people wanting to express how they pray and what they pray about. They want to glean from each other just what is the God of our understanding or I’d rather say the God of our heart.

We live in an unusual moment, faster, smarter, etc. but humbled to the quick because we lack a sense of grounding. Even as the moon has its phases so does our prayer.

Moments of doubt moments of calm. The meaning is in the space between.

‘Kneeling’ 1968

Moments of great calm,


before an altar

Of wood in a stone church

In summer, waiting for God

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