The Mystery of Hidden Consolation

Thomas Merton's hermitage at The Abbey of Our ...

Thomas Merton’s hermitage at The Abbey of Our Lady of Gethsemani (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is from Thomas Merton’s Dialogues With Silence

Lady, the night has got us by the heart.

The whole wide world is tumbling down.

Words turn to ice in my dry throat

Praying for a land without prayer,

Walking  to you on water all winter

In a year that wants more war.


English: Windchimes.

English: Windchimes. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You deserve a good life. If you believe this you will be running on God energy. You will be of maximum service to your fellows. You will bring a whole healed and complete person into all relationships.

Eternity Around You

The artist pursues truth, one of the hallmarks of beauty. The flawed artist, filled with uncertainty is pulsed to express what he has found. sometimes the findings are a glad poem, or gives voice to the dense cadences of creation as in the music of Beethoven

Every artistic expression is an expression of belonging. We must leave the cosy shelter to visit the outposts where we find our brothers and sisters longing to be free of toxic boundaries. 

The artist accompanies us into all kinds of new

English: My own work, taken in August 2007. A ...

English: My own work, taken in August 2007. A picture from the Lebanese-side of the Israeli-Lebanon border. This photo shows in the distance an Israeli army outpost. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

possibility of belonging. 

The Surest Choosing

English: Still Life of Apples in a Hat

English: Still Life of Apples in a Hat (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When a life direction, or a new way of being in the world is chosen it can be a wonderful time of focus and re-direction.

When such a moment of choosing is genuine, it is usually preceded by a time of gestation and gathering.

When your life-decisions emerge in this way from the matrix of your experience, they warrant your trust and commitment

When you can choose in this way , you move gracefully within the deeper rhythm of your soul.

The eye of the soul can see in all directions. When you truly listen to the voice of your soul, you awaken your kinship with the eternal urgency that longs to lead you home

The surest choosing grows out of the natural soil of experience.

The Buddhists say, ‘when the apple is ripe it falls of itself from the tree.’

Bernard and Benedict

Vision of St Bernard with Sts Benedict and Joh...

Vision of St Bernard with Sts Benedict and John the Evangelist (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Only by the power of the movement of my heart… did I perceive his presence, and I knew the power of his might because my faults were put to flight and my human yearnings brought into subjection. I have marveled at the depth of his wisdom when my secret faults have been revealed and made visible; at the very slightest amendments of my way of life I have experienced his goodness and mercy. In the renewal and remaking of the spirit of my mind, that is of my in most being, I have perceived the  excellence of his glorious beauty, and when I contemplate all these things I am filled with awe and wonder at his manifold greatness.”  ___ Prayer of Thomas Keating


From Bernard “As often as He slips away from me, so often shall I call him back.”

Sacred and Beautiful

English: The Virgin of Montserrat (La Moreneta...

English: The Virgin of Montserrat (La Moreneta). on Nov. 11, 2004. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Thus beauty reveals  inwardness through outer form. A shining radiates outward into

the world.”

____ Rudolf Steiner

“To the poet all things are friendly and sacred, all events profitable, all days holy, all

men divine.”

______ Ignatian spirituality of poetry

Desert Mystics Sorta

The Abba Pentalewon Monastery near Aksum (Tigr...

The Abba Pentalewon Monastery near Aksum (Tigray Region, Ethiopia). Русский: Монастырь Абба Пенталевон близ Аксума (Тыграй, Ефиопия). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Abba Lot went to see Abba Joseph and said to him: Abba, as much as I am able I practice a small rule, a little fasting, some prayer and meditation, and remain quiet and as much as possible I keep my thoughts clean. What else should I do? Then the old man stood up and stretched his hands toward heaven, and his fingers became like ten torches of flame and he said to him: If you wish, you can become all flame.”

The Garden of Hope

Allegory of hope; Oil on canvas, Francesco Gua...

Allegory of hope; Oil on canvas, Francesco Guardi, 1747 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Turn everything over in the interior garden. Leave everything in the care of Christ the gardener. cultivate hope in the living garden.

Hope is the bridge from faith to love. The new self is open to delight in all earthly and heavenly things, preparing us to take on God’s feelings for the universe.

The self is silently being worked on beyond the self experience that blocked encounter with the other. We have the capacity to be allured by the future.

We don’t see clearly but we see joyfully. We see the promise that comes to us from the future.

Hope is the key through the impasse. When memory becomes a silent place, hope takes over. The burden and pleasure of the past can inhibit creative response to the present. The past is replaced by renewed confidence and purpose and potential. God is the goal of all human hoping. It is God’s doing but we must do all we can.

Jig saw puzzler

Deutsch: Burg Hohenzollern Türkçe: Stuttgart y...

Deutsch: Burg Hohenzollern Türkçe: Stuttgart yakınında Bisingen belediyesinde bulunan Hohenzollern Kalesi. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Wisdom comes in a box with 750 pieces. These Autumn nights leave me with the compulsion to work on the Hohenzollern Castle. Maybe I will learn about patience.

I have learned that I can be easily encouraged by the smallest successes.

I have learned that I must look closely, very, very closely.

I have learned that if I persist in only one way I will fail to see things from another perspective

I trust that I have not been sold a puzzle that has missing pieces.

There is a big picture and it is fun to discover it.

Gossamer Nights

English: Grazing Sheep and Gossamer. The whole...

English: Grazing Sheep and Gossamer. The whole field was covered with gossamer, virtually invisible unless a low viewpoint was taken into the sun. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Kissed by a light sleeper. Fire is kindled. Autumnal winds. Leaves cling to skeleton trees. The shadow dream, the inner song is coming to life. The restless wind and rain comfort me in my familiar sanctuary.