A Meditation on Rembrandt’s Head of Christ

English: Meditation

English: Meditation (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What he sees he takes in.

every human sorrow

fuels the fire that burns

low and steady

in his open heart

He looked at the leper like this,

imagining the man’s life

before he changed it.

He looked at the centurion and saw

what it must be fa a father

to watch his child die.

He looked at the woman by the well,

saw her five husbands, and sent her home

with a promise, at the woman caught

in adultery, and did not condemn her,

at the woman weeping at  his feet, knowing

she knew him, who walked the dusty earth

unrecognized , and honored her extravagance.

One might live long

just to be looked at once this way,

judged, forgiven, and blessed,

taken in, recognized, a prayer answered

in eyes that meet longing ans assuage it.

Lore, remember me

when you come into your kingdom

Marilyn Chandler McEntyre Drawn to the Light Poems on Rembrandt’s Religious Paintings

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